Our Values

Our Values

We understand the importance of our work. Reporting truth without adding or subtracting anything from it is a great social responsibility. Our audiences, once limited to only a few places, are now spread all over the world.  However, strong work values have been the cornerstone on which TOKYO TV NEWS was built and these values continue to guide us. For TOKYO TV NEWS our core values—integrity, independence, excellence, collaboration, respect, and curiosity—were, are, and will remain immutable.


At the time of its formation, TOKYO TV NEWS took a pledge to always impart news impartially, without favor or fear, irrespective of interests, sect, or parties involved. We follow this pledge wholeheartedly as ever before. We always follow the truth, no matter what.


To us at TOKYO TV NEWS, nothing is more essential than the trust of our viewers. We renew this trust each day by following strong journalism ethics, no matter what the situation is.


At the center of the mission, we follow lies in open-minded inquiry. We strongly believe in asking questions continuously, seeking new perspectives, and looking for ways to improve the way we function.


Our world is not only vast but also diverse, and we have taken it upon ourselves to help our audience understand it better. To be able to do that fairly and fully, we treat our viewers, our readers, our subjects, and our team members with respect and empathy.


People from all parts of the company put together their skills, experience, and knowledge to fulfill the company’s mission. We work best when we are supporting each other and working as one single team.


It is our strong wish to set the benchmark in each and everything we do. This unflinching and persistent pursuit of excellence takes several forms, but regardless of the context, you can count on our team to deliver their utmost best.