Trump outlines plan to attack trans rights if re-elected, vows to ‘protect children from left-wing gender insanity’

by admin477351

Former President Donald Trump has launched a scathing attack on transgender rights, promising to halt gender-affirming care for minors if he secures re-election in 2024.
In a video posted on his Truth Social platform, Trump outlined his plans to combat what he termed “left-wing gender insanity,” positioning himself against President Joe Biden’s policies on gender-affirming care, which he condemned as “cruel” and “ridiculous.”
Standing before U.S. flags, Trump pledged to sign an executive order directing federal agencies to terminate programs promoting sex and gender transition at any age. He also threatened repercussions for healthcare professionals providing gender-affirming care to minors and educators suggesting gender identity exploration to students.
Additionally, Trump vowed to advocate for education promoting traditional family values and celebrating gender distinctions. He argued against the existence of transgender identities, asserting that the concept was invented by the “radical left” only recently.
Trump’s stance represents a stark departure from his earlier campaign promise to support LGBTQ rights. He now proposes legislation recognizing only male and female genders assigned at birth, emphasizing a return to traditional gender norms.

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